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      First from concentration

      • 15 years of industry precipitation strength ...

        The products are manufactured with GB, CB, JB, JIS, API, DIN, CBM and other technical conditions and...

      • Quality source checks, strict quality superv...

        We must strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system, implement relevant q...

      • Perfect service system, let you worry free.

        Provides the equipment design, the production, the installment, the maintenance unifies the system s...

      • Price concessions maximize profit making cus...

        Have their own development team skilled technicians, can reduce production costs to reduce product p...


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      About Us

      Shanghai Jing Cheng marine valve manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai Jingzhang Marine Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern professional marine valve manufacturer integrating research, development, production and sales. It is a member of China Valve Association, a member of China Petroleum First-Class Supply Network, a joint venture of China's shipbuilding industry, a member of China Marine Machinery Standardization Technical Committee and the whole company. Member of the National Standardization Committee on marine valves.

      The company has strong tech...


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      • Selection and application of marine valves.

        The operation condition of marine electric butterfly valve is special. Simply speaking, the electric flow is only the circulation flow of water and steam. But it is simple and complicated to select the marine electric butterfly va...

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      Mobile:86-021-61536263 Telephone:86-021-61536263

      Address:No. 3199 Zhen Bei Road, Shanghai
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